star The Costume Closet, Inc. star
666 Belmont Ave., Springfield, MA 01108

Purchase Items Available Year 'round

Fabric Capes: Long & short - Many Colors
Gloves: Wrist Length to Elbow - Assorted Colors
Wings: Angels, Butterflies, Fairies
Hats:from propellor beanies to top hats-All Sizes
Animal:Ears, Tails, Noses - Some Masks
Clown & Character Noses - Also, Latex Ears
Goofy Teeth & Vampire Teeth
Canes, Plastic Weapons, Parasols, Fans
Wings: Butterfly/Angels



Devils, Werewolf Masks


Traditional Latex Masks:
Devils, Skeletons, Gorillas, Werewolves, Michael Myers, etc.

Political Masks Political &
Character Notables
  Standard Eyemasks
Blank Whites
Phantom of the Opera
  Wide Assortment of Masquerade-style
Feather Masks
Feather Masks


Clowns to Colonials to Punk
Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, Pastels, Brights
Straight, Curly, Long, Short, Beehive, Afro



Professional Clown & Theatrical Makeup -
Bon Nye, Mehron, Stein Brands

Waterbase, Pancake, Greasepaint
Spirit Gum, Latex
Crepe Hair, pre-made Mustaches & Beards

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